Cell and Gene Therapy:
Eight Tips To Strengthen
Your Supply Chain

The Cell and Gene Therapy supply chain is complex and requires advanced planning and systems to synchronize the entire process, ensuring patient safety and success.


In this industry guide, Quick Specialized Healthcare Logistics and Vineti share their industry expertise that will help you plan for each step throughout the product and patient journey. While every therapy has its unique protocols and features, these eight proven tips from CGT veterans will help keep any team on track with a strong, synchronized supply chain, and will provide:


  • Time-proven best practices to synchronize personalized therapy supply chain
  • Solutions to bring more transformative treatments to more patients
  • Advice on technology that automates, integrates, and tracks the entire supply chain
  • Tips on appropriate packaging and transportation routing strategies


“Cell and Gene Therapies: Eight Tips to
Strengthen Your Supply Chain”
offers valuable advice from industry experts who were among the first to provide operations, logistics, and supply chain support for personalized medicine therapies. Together, the authors have more than 35 years of combined industry experience that can help support this rapidly developing field as well as ensure patient success.





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