The future of patient-centricity is here: Pivoting to a decentralized clinical trials approach.

Although interest in building direct-to/from-patient components into clinical trials has been increasing for several years, COVID-19 is accelerating its adoption. In QuickSTAT’s newest eReport, we examine the past, present and future of the decentralized clinical trial model. We also explore the benefits for both patients and sponsors, as well as the factors to consider for protecting the integrity of trials and patient safety.

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  • The growth in adoption of DTP trials and the role COVID-19 has played and could play in the future
  • How decentralized clinical trials may increase patient participation and retention
  • The importance of sound logistics planning that considers:
    • A global network of experts, available 24/7
    • Contingency plans to minimize disruption
    • Flexible processes and market-leading technology
    • Proven knowledge temperature-controlled solutions
    • Strict and transparent chain of custody
    • And more


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