Commercialization of
Cord Blood Therapies

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Logistics Challenges and Solutions

Umbilical cord blood plays a critical role in treating a wide range of debilitating and life threatening diseases including leukemia, lymphoma, sickle cell anemia, and many more.

The most promising area of research is how cord blood can be used in regenerative medicine, which can help the body repair, replace, restore or regenerate damaged or diseased cells, tissue and organs.


Our Commercialization of Cord Blood Therapies eBook explains the steps you can take for maintaining the integrity and viability of cord blood and therapies throughout transit:


  • Conduct regular packaging tests
  • Run studies that mirror real life transport scenarios
  • Placement of temperature monitoring devices
  • Utilize technology for timing and communications
     throughout transit


Download our eBook to learn about Quick's solutions to safely transport cord blood and cord blood-based treatments.